At Dalton Building and Garden Supplies, we employ Boral cement products for all general and special landscaping and building construction requirements. Boral is a name synonymous with quality, a leader in manufacturing and supplying cement products in Australia. We deal only in industry-grade cement products that are used for paving, wall-retaining, and landscaping services for your buildings and garden spaces.

For further assistance regarding our top-grade Boral products that offer a a premium textured finish to your retaining walls, pavers and other spaces, get in touch with us at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies.

With many years of experience in construction supplies Boral offers only the top-class products for construction, paving, and masonry cement products to the customers Australia wide. They also offer technical expertise for the selection and use of their wide variety of cement products. Employed in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, Boral offers its on-site capability in both metropolitan and country areas.

  • General Purpose Cement (GP Cement) has a wide range of applications for structural and non-structural projects. They are used as an ingredient when mixing concrete, grout, mortar and render.
  • For a lighter and brighter finish and hue, off White Cement is used. It can be mixed with oxides for a coloured finish for mortars and cement render.
  • Rapid Set Concrete is formulated to harden rapidly. This product is highly suitable for non-structural fixtures, fences and lightweight pergola posts, and clothes hoist.

The range of Boral products includes standard products that are budget-friendly and we also supply the advanced range that has a finer quality finish. Quality control, innovation, and continued improvement in the product range have placed Boral as the leader of the Australian Cement Industry. We, at Dalton Building and Garden, believe in using only the best in class products for your landscaping, construction and gardening needs.

Our premium quality of lime product sets the standards for the end markets. We also offer affordable yet durable quality lime that meets the requirements of gardening and other water treatment projects. We customise all kinds of projects for your specific needs and budget without compromising on the quality of workmanship.

Our cement products are designed to meet all contemporary and classic designs for all paving projects, giving your walkways, patios, retaining walls, driveways, pool surrounds and all outdoor spaces the dream project that you have been hoping for.

General purpose cement

Off White Cement

Brickies Mortar

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Concrete Mix

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General Purpose

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Rapid Set