Answers to common questions

What is the best soil for my garden?

We have 3 soil types available:

  • Lawn soil
  • Turf soil / Sandy loam

Perfect soil for:

  • Establishing new lawns, top dressing and repairs to existing lawns
  • Base soil for instant turf installation.
  • A quick draining soil which adds micro-nutrients and micro-organisms to the soil.

Garden Blend Soil

Organic soil, Mountain soil and sandy loam mix
Suitable for garden beds: flowers, trees and natives. Holds moisture and adds oxygen and nutrients to the soil to assist with healthy plant growth.

Vegetable mix

Organic soil, Sandy loam, Mountain Soil and Mushroom compost.
This soil mix contains slow release fertilizers and valuable nutrients from the mushroom compost and organic soil. The composted organic material helps retain moisture in the soil adding micro nutrients and micro- organisms for health root development.