Answers to common questions

What is the best soil for my garden?

We have 3 soil types available:

  • Lawn soil
  • Turf soil / Sandy loam

Perfect soil for:

  • Establishing new lawns, top dressing and repairs to existing lawns
  • Base soil for instant turf installation.
  • A quick draining soil which adds micro-nutrients and micro-organisms to the soil.

Garden Blend Soil

Organic soil, Mountain soil and sandy loam mix
Suitable for garden beds: flowers, trees and natives. Holds moisture and adds oxygen and nutrients to the soil to assist with healthy plant growth.

Vegetable mix

Organic soil, Sandy loam, Mountain Soil and Mushroom compost.
This soil mix contains slow release fertilizers and valuable nutrients from the mushroom compost and organic soil. The composted organic material helps retain moisture in the soil adding micro nutrients and micro- organisms for health root development.

Mulch or Pebbles assist in preventing water evaporation, help regulate soil temperature and supress weed growth. When the mulch breaks down it will add nutrients to the soil.

Weed seeds are spread via the wind, if you lay weed mat before you spread your mulch this will prevent the weeds from coming up from the soil below the weed mat and any new weeds in the mulch will be very easy to remove as they will not be able to grow their roots below the weed mat barrier.

Yes, we are open 7 days a week for deliveries, most of the time the turnaround time is 2 hours. If possible, place your order the day before for guaranteed delivery time.

We have a delivery fee schedule available on the website.

Yes, the fee is per delivery/truck visit.  We have a delivery fee schedule available on the website.

Delivery prices

We accept credit card payments when you place your order or C.O.D when the truck arrives to your delivery address. (We do not accept American Express card payments)

You are welcome to pick up .25 of a metre in your trailer or ute.

Our minimum delivery quantity is .5 of a metre.

We have multiple trucks sizes available for deliveries from small (approx. 4wd drive size) to Tandem trucks and truck and trailers

The amount we deliver and the truck we use depends on the quantity and property access we have for the truck.

All mulches work the same, the Pine, Softfall and Tree Loppers mulch products are natural products. Both the Black and red mulch are a pine mulch dyed with a non- toxic vegetable dye which will fade slightly after 18 months.

To calculate the Quantity needed for your garden measure:  Length x Width in metres and the Depth you need in cm. We have a soil calculator available on the Website – or give us a call and we can assist you.

  • Yes, we can bag soil, decorative pebbles and mulch for you.
  • You will need to call Dalton and order your bags before you come in, to avoid waiting time.
  • 12 bags of product equal approximately .25 of a metre – so it is a more expensive way to buy your garden needs.
  • Bags of Crushed rock, screenings and sand are ready for immediate pick up.
  • We fill and supply 1Metre Bulka bags for commercial work sites.

Crushed rock is used for driveways to create a firm driving surface. (the finish surface looks similar to the bitumen road)

Unfortunately, no – this is a Worksafe rule - Risk to customers.  No filling of buckets or bags on site.

Unfortunately, no – this is a Worksafe rule - Risk to customers.
We have several front loaders with different bucket sizes to load open top vehicles, trailers, utes or trucks.

A standard 6 x 4 trailer holds approximately .5 of a metre. Our loader operators will only load your vehicle/trailer with a safe quantity.