Are you thinking of changing/upgrading your garden, outdoor area or playground surface by covering them with different toppings? If yes, we are here to help.

From swapping portions of garden beds,  entire grass lawns, to covering huge spans of land with sand and terracotta toppings, we offer different varieties of topping products that suit your style, preference and budget. Our products create driveways that impress. Whether you are looking for a rock-solid foundation or a decorative topping, we offer a great range of garden products ranging from garden soil to toppings of different textures.

Tuscan Toppings are terracotta coloured compactable toppings, suitable for low maintenance garden areas. Used in paths and driveways, these toppings are the best options for these spaces as they provide sturdy ground when mixed with rock dust. They are produced from crushed sandstone comprising of fines and smaller pebbles (up to 20mm) and have great drainage qualities.

If you want to reduce your garden maintenance costs, cover your walkways out of gravel or terracotta toppings. Other options include building patios, creating a gathering place around a fire pit, or adding a gazebo also means less lawn care. So go for our different topping varieties to add a nice finishing and splash of colour hues to your driveway. These attractive ground toppings are better for the planet and fetch you a multitude of compliments.

Granite sand has sandy brown shades and Tuscan toppings add hues of rich orange terracotta colour to your pathways. These toppings are compact and offer a viable alternative to paving, concrete or turf, while also adding their aesthetic value. Made up of different sizes and textures, these toppings are enough to add a touch of glam to your garden spaces. And if you are looking for fillers for unkept spaces, these toppings are the best option.

We are your trusted suppliers of landscape toppings, soil, rocks, and sand products serving our clients with high-grade garden supplies to professionals as well as individual homeowners. Our happy clients have come back to us time and again owing to our top-grade products and phenomenal service quality.

Goulburn Toppings

Tuscan Toppings

Granitic Sand

Highland Sand Stone Topping

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