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If you are looking for high-grade mulch varieties for your gardening projects, your search ends here. We have a vast range of mulch varieties available in different colours, sizes and shapes.

So does your garden area require mulch?

To understand this, we will first discuss the main uses of Mulch, which are as follows:

  • Helps in retaining moisture in the soil
  • Prevents and controls the growth of weeds
  • Adds organic matter to the soil over time
  • The contrasting colours add to the appearance of your garden
  • Avoid fluctuations in the temperature of the soil

Apart from the above, different varieties and hues of mulch can be used to provide an organic, natural and rustic as well as a contemporary look to your garden beds adding contrast of reds, browns, and black to the existing green foliage.

The pine mulch is produced from the pine tree is a natural product that strips of the bark, pulp, and fines. When compacted over time, it is extremely wind-resistant. With its brown hue, the pine mulch can be used in bush settings and ferneries. They are available in 7mm and 20 mm and owning to their clean cuts, go well with formally structured gardens.

We have mulch from different tree barks that break down over time offering their nutrients to the soil. Black mulch is 5-10 mm thick and 30mm long. Derived from recycled timber; they are coloured with an organic vegetable dye that could last as long as 3 years.

Soft fall mulch is certified pine-mulch as a quality-tested virgin pine that does not stain clothing. It is straw coloured and mostly used under play-area, Kindergarten and Childcares and playing grounds as the ground cover to reduce fall impact. They are usually found in playschools and kindergartens. They also have their uses as garden covers for weed suppression and retaining moisture.

We also have other varieties of mulch that you can use in your gardens, landscape areas and playgrounds to add aesthetic value to your spaces, reduce collision impact and retain moisture as well as prevent the growth of weeds.

7mm Pine Mulch

20mm Pine Mulch

Black Mulch

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Red Chip Mulch

Soft Fall Mulch

Treeloppers Mulch