Lawn soil is enriched with nutrients to make it suitable for growing plants and vegetation. If you are looking for a well-manicured and tended lawn, you have to start by selecting the best lawn soil. Flowers blooming everywhere, the plants are lush and the lawn is green.

Isn't this what we are all hoping for in our garden areas?

The work starts at the base level. Yes, you have to select a healthy variety of soil that is nutrient-rich and healthy.  These nutrients add to the lush green colour of your lawn as well as resist dry weather conditions, weeds, and other pests. Healthy soil is rich in beneficial insects and bacteria. As it naturally keeps the grass healthy.

There are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy, “well-fed” lawn without chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. To get started, select a healthy quality of lawn soil that is rich in nutrients as well as insects and good bacteria. We supply only the most reliable quality lawn soil that takes care of the health of your lawn and vegetation.

Our tip: If you select a healthy quality lawn soil from us, you may find that there’s no need for fertilizers which is a great saving on cost and maintenance. But you’ll probably want to apply an organic fertilizer on an occasional basis. Regularly monitor your fertilizing and watering schedules to ensure the long-term health of your soil and lawn.

Our lawn soil is the perfect blended soil for growing lawn seed, used as instant turf underlay and top dressing. The soil is a fine grain soil mixed with some organic matter, that ensures great drainage, optimum stability and minimal slump under lawns. In addition, our lawn soil is economical and we supply bulk wholesale orders for large areas of landscape making them cost-effective for your pocket.

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