Enhance the beauty of your garden landscape by adding these decorative pebbles that add texture, definition, and structure to your garden beds, corners, creek and fountain spaces as well as driveways. We, at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies, offer a wide palette of decorative pebble supplies and products for landscaping and gardening projects.

Placing pebbles at the bottom of your garden pond helps in keeping the water body clean by trapping the sediment. The use of pebbles for outdoor areas has significantly grown in the last few years.

The reasons can be attributed to:

  • Different varieties of shapes, sizes and colour choices
  • Reduction in evaporation rates
  • Controlling extreme temperatures
  • A large scope of use
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy against winds and rainfall

If you are incorporating a certain theme into your garden area like a colour scheme, contemporary backdrop, neutral shades earthy tones, and so on, you can use specific pebble varieties. The disc-shaped smooth Buffalo pebbles are available in a 40-150mm range of sizes. They can be used in and around water bodies, on garden beds, pathway toppings and can be blended with different sizes for an attractive combination.

Pebbles are available in different sizes and these decorative stones come in different textures, sizes and colours like cream, brown, beige, black, grey and so on. They have good drainage properties and are mostly used as garden and pathway toppings.

The white ice pebbles exude class and sophistication and greatly complement a pristine theme. You can place them around chic planters for a contemporary look. For a more earthy hue, go for the sharp angular shaped sandstone. Tuscan pebbles that have brown, tan and peachy shades. They are used in flower/plant beds and can also be used to line pathways.

Our stunning range of pebble varieties are not just available in white, earthen and grey shades, we also offer competitive price ranges to suit different budgets. You can create beautiful imagery, rockery, corners and landscaping transition points using innovative pebble displays.

20mm Goulburn Pebbles

20mm Highland Sandstone

20mm Torquay Pebbles

Red River Pebbles

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20mm White Ice Pebbles

40mm Granite Pebbles

50mm White Ice Pebbles

80mm Highland Sandstone

Large Buffalo Flats

Small Buffalo Flats

Wine barrels

Wine barrels

Wine barrels