Aggregate and crushed rock varieties are employed in landscaping, drainage and plumbing activities. The scope of use is huge and you can use them as fillers between pavers, around plants and for decorating your outdoor landscapes. The choices are many and the options for decorations are limited only by your imagination!

Do visit us at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies, Thomastown to view our collection of aggregate/crushed rock collections available in various shapes and sizes. We are delivering across metro Melbourne from Doncaster, Altona, Wallan to Diamond Creek and surrounding areas. These are some of our best-selling products with bulk deliveries available for commercial construction, DYI, and tradies.

The Screening rocks
We have a collection of crushed rocks available. They are a great option to uplift the look of your spaces at a minimal cost. The screening process involves sorting larger stones, then medium stones, and eventually the stone dust.

The 7mm (1/4 Minus) screening rock is used primarily for plumbing and drainage processes, while it can also be used as fillers for drives and pathways. The 14mm screening rock is suitable for drainage aggregate, constructing pathways, and is mostly used to make concrete. The 20mm screening rock is free of finer particles that make it a great choice for drainage products behind retaining walls. It also finds its use in making concrete.


Scoria has a volcanic origin and the lightweight aggregate has a low density yet high yield making it the perfect choice for drainage and landscaping. There are available in different sizes of 7mm and 20mm.

Giving the finishing touches to your driveways, Scoria is a versatile product that can add durability as well as value to your landscapes and drainage systems.

Some popular uses of scoria include:

  • Creating landscaping pathways, driveways in the garden and BBQ areas
  • Providing drainage in the garden for potted plants, garden trees, and beneath pipes
  • Decorating garden beds for an aesthetic appeal to create a strong black contrast
  • Giving hydroponic plants a solid substrate to thrive upon
  • Insulating gadget parts from high temperatures
  • Heating saunas and creating heat sinks in BBQs
  • Limiting mud issues for trucks in wet areas

If you are thinking, how much scoria will you need and which size?

Our experts at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies are here to help.

Do let us know about the exact use that could vary from garden drainage to planting a few plants or layering the driveway.

We will provide you with the quantity and the estimate of the material and the cost. Do get in touch with us for your garden and landscaping requirements, we provide trucks services and take bulk orders as well.

14mm Screenings

7mm Screenings

Crushed Rock

To know more about our landscaping and building supplies and any further guidance, contact us at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies.

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Crusher Dust

7mm Scoria

20mm Scoria