It's the beauty of landscaping that transforms simple garden/outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing landscapes that stand out owing to their novelty and appeal.

Rocks have a variety of uses in landscaping and if you have creative zeal, the sky is the limit.

At Dalton Building and Garden Supplies, we are a family run business serving the people of Melbourne. We deliver across metro Melbourne, Doncaster, Altona, Wallan to Diamond creek and all neighbouring areas. We deal only in top-quality landscaping rocks that are durable, withstand the throes of weather and sun, and add that punch of sophistication to your outdoor spaces.

With the rugged garden steps, the gorgeous rockery, or the casual seating with benches, you can play with the landscape rocks to bring out their best effect.

Whether you are looking for a Mediterranean backdrop or a countryside rustic feel, these rocks are suitable for all kinds of landscaping. The multicoloured surfaces blend beautifully against the natural setting while adding a defined look and structure to the property.

The natural lines, earthy tones and striking angular shapes look great as pavers, retaining walls, rock faces, stepping stones o water bodies.

While looking for a suitable decorative agent for your garden, the first choice that you make is plants or mulch. However, these gorgeous rocks do not just add appeal to your garden area, they also save on your water and other maintenance expenses.

Mudstones are the most widespread deposits on Earth. These sedimentary rocks are fine-grained and available in a large range of shapes and sizes.

Its colour is varied in earthy tones of pink, yellow, black, and brown sand is used for constructing retaining walls, pool and garden landscaping to even more traditional housing construction.

Mudstone can be split to form thin plates which add to its versatility. The bluestone rocks are the hard bearing variety of rocks in beautiful tones and textures.

In their natural shape, the rocks look brown, and the blue tone comes out when it is split. Depending upon the preference of your decor, you can put this stone to use.

We are driven by a passion to deliver only the best products to our clients. Our happy customers have trusted us through various projects over the years and come back to us time and again for supplies.

At Dalton Building and Garden Supplies, we offer the best quality landscaping supplies so that you can create unique spaces complimenting your style and requirements.

Black Mudstone

Pink Mudstone