The appearance of your garden reflects how you treat it. If you select the right garden supplies, compost and fertilizers. We believe in supplying top-grade organic compost that you can rely on and provide your plants with the best kind of environment and nutrition.

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Our range of garden and building products are carefully procured to offer you the best. With the right combination and creative experience, your outdoor spaces can transform into your haven of delight. We supply all products including organic manure to individuals as well as professional landscape experts. Bulk supplies are also available.

Organic Compost

Our organic compost is a high quality, pure compost mix that meets strict testing standards.

  • Rich Source of micro-nutrients
  • Sustainable and renewable resource
  • Great for all plants and vegetables
  • Organic
  • Improves soils quality and moisture retention
  • Feeds earthworms and balances soil biology
  • Improves soil temperature, cool in summer and warm at night

Our organic compost is successfully used by expert home gardeners/professional landscapers with phenomenal results. It improves soil structure by initiating microbial activity which leads to superior soil aeration, better moisture retention and fertiliser efficiency. Organic Compost is loaded with nutrient-enriched organics specially formulated to produce excellent quality prosperous yields.

The organic compost at Dalton B&G Supplies is used in landscape projects, garden beds, trees, plants and vegetables. These are natural soil conditioners that improve the quality of soil without disrupting the ecological balance. You can add it to clay soil for lesser water-clogging and to sandy soil to provide a better structure. Organic compost works effectively in nutrient-depleted soil and aids in better mineral absorption by plants.

Simple tips:

  • It is recommended to wear gardening gloves when handling and using all planting materials.
  • Our Organic Compost is designed to save time and money and is guaranteed to produce excellent results season after season.
  • For adding the organic compost, remove the weeds, apply the recommended quantity of  Organic Compost over the top of your soil
  • Dig in well to a depth of at least 150mm, and add the compost.

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