Sand is required for a variety of landscaping, gardening, and construction purposes. Used in gaps after laying paving, tiling, and construction, tilers mostly use the Bricklaying sand or a triple-washed fine white sand, which is also the sand to place in children’s sandpits.

All specific varieties of sand are available with us, at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies. We deliver across metro Melbourne from Doncaster to Altona, Wallan, Diamond Creek and neighbouring areas.

White brick sand is the bricklaying medium used when mixing with cement. Commonly used when a light bright motor is required, the white brick sand varies from off-white to grey colour, depending upon each batch. The colour of every batch determines how light your mortar will be and you can alter the colour with the addition of oxides.

Concrete sand (Double Wash Sand) is usually white with particles ranging from dust to 4mm. You can use builders sand between your stone pavers to create a garden path or create a clean, white line between blocks or bricks, for an aesthetically pleasing look that appeals to homeowners.

The orange brick sand variety is also available. It is mainly used when a dark mortar is required for construction or landscaping purposes. You can get some gorgeous stonework and brickwork using this sand variety to beautify your outdoor spaces. Our experts at Dalton Building and Garden Supplies ensure that you get the best-quality sand products for an outstanding finish that will last you for many years to come.

The whitewashed variety of sand is extremely fine in texture as it is washed three times. From tiling, rendering, plastering, and adding filers between gaps after paving, this fine variety has manifold uses. It is most suitable for use in your child’s sandpit as it is free of impurities and coarse materials.

Once you get in touch with us, our team of landscaping and gardening experts will guide you through the buying process. You have any other queries regarding the building projects, our support team is always ready to assist you. From professional landscapers to use for home purposes, we supply the best-quality sand products.

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